Passive LCD Displays

GSR Technology are able to provide a wide range of industry standard, semi-custom or fully customised passive LCD displays. Our range of passive LCD’s are competitively priced whilst meeting the design needs required in a variety of robust applications and environments.

We offer a standard range of character modules from 1 x 8 characters at the smallest end of the range,  to large size graphics panels with a 640 x 480 pixel configuration.

As well as a wide range of possibilities in the glass only product, GSR Technology have a wide range of LCD fluid technologies from standard TN, STN, FSTN, VA and high-end automotive ISTN. All designs can be fully customised in terms of operating temperature, backlight colour, and viewing angle, all for relatively low NRE charges. GSR’s LCD’s come in a variety of connection methods including COG, COB and TAB.

Extremely wide temperature fluids are available to suit all industrial and automotive applications, available throughout the entire product range.

Take a look at the range of display solutions GSR Technology supply across the UK and Europe.

Bespoke Passive Displays

LED backlighting is also available in standard, bi colour and tri colour customised packages to suit customer requirements as well as a wide variety of connection possibilities such as bonded pins, FPC and elastomeric technologies.

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Passive LCD Display Specifications

GSR have a large range of Passive Displays in a range sizes and resolutions. View our datasheets for display interface information and optical characteristics.