Touch Screen Controllers

Projective Capacitive Touch Screen Controllers

PCAP Touch Screen Controllers are designed to deliver a smooth user experience and meet the criteria for rugged applications, capable of working in harsh environments.

This technology is available in PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) or COF (chip-on-flex) format. The touch input force is feather-light, and multi-touch technology offers a level of diversity for suitable applications.

The EXC84 family supports small to mid-size PCAP touch screens with the most desired industrial features; as for ultra-large, the EXC86 family is capable of supporting most of the ultra-large sized PCAP touch screens in the market.

Resistive Touch Screen Controller Boards

Resistive touch screen technology is a cost-effective solution and easy to assemble, but above all, it is an ideal solution for applications that need to operate in wet screen conditions and/or high-power noise environments.

GSR’s range of 4, 5 and 8 wire resistive touch controllers offer excellent compatibility with the wide range of resistive touch sensors already in the market. The GSR controllers are available with USB, RS232, and I2C and PS2 are also available as special designs.

Features and Advantages

  • Control boards and COFs for different PCAP touch sensor sizes
  • PCAP controller supports single, dual and multiple touches
  • Multiple host interfaces supported, USB, RS232, UART, I2C, Interface auto-detection on some boards
  • Remote firmware updates and fine tuning
  • High SNR (Signal Noise Rate) for touch identification
  • PCAP control firmware, utility, and drivers are developed in house
  • Complete drivers available for different hardware platforms, drivers for Windows 7 /8 /10/ Vista/ XP/ CE/ Linux/ Android etc
  • Utilises highly reliable touch sensor connect
  • Chip solution also available for larger volume applications
  • Touch-less functionality is now available

As well as offering the solution of touch screen products and controllers, GSR Technology also offer the process of Optical Bonding, using liquid optical clear adhesive, binding your transparent components.