7″ High Bright and wide colour Gamut LCD display

15 February 2022


GSR Technology would like to introduce a new 7″ High Bright and wide colour Gamut LCD display.
What makes the 7″ High Bright Colour Gamut LCD display unique is it is supplied with In-cell Touch built in. This enables the display to be bonded with a custom cover glass. This is turn offers full cover glass protection and ruggedization to the display. As a result, this display is an ideal solution for a multitude of applications including hand held devices, used outdoors that require full protection from the elements. The screen itself can be viewed whilst wearing polarised sunglasses

Screen size:  7.0”

Resolution:  1200 x 1920

Contrast ratio:  1300:1

Luminance:  2500 Nits

Operating temperature (c):  -20~70°C

Touch:  In-Cell Touch