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At GSR Technology we offer the latest display technology in a large range of sizes and interfaces, including Industrial TFT Displays, High Bright TFT Displays (including Sunlight Readable TFT Displays) Bar Cut Stretched TFTs and Passive LCD Displays. Solutions range in size from 0.7”up to 75” and can be supplied for indoor and outdoor use.

Industrial TFT Displays

We offer the latest technology in Industrial TFT Displays. Our screen solutions are robust enough for the toughest environment making them the perfect choice for industrial and professional use. Available in sizes from 1" up to 43".

High Bright TFT Displays

We provide a large range of High Bright TFT Displays from small sized modules up to larger industrial grade displays, as well as a variety of resolution options. Available in sizes from 2.8" up to 75".

Bar Cut Stretched TFTs

We offer a range of Bar Cut Stretched TFT Displays professionally cut from a standard TFT cell. They have an ultra-wide aspect ratio, which is perfect for applications where 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio TFTs are not possible. Available in sizes from 13.9" up to 48.5".

Passive LCD Displays

We provide a wide range of industry standard, semi-custom or fully customised Passive LCD Displays. We offer a standard range of character modules from 1 x 8 characters up to large size graphics panels with a 640 x 480 pixel configuration.

Sunlight Readable TFTs

We offer the latest Sunlight Readable TFT Displays with Blanview technology. This allows the display to show a high contrast crisp image in the brightest environments, even when sunlight is directly hitting the screen. Available in sizes from 0.7" up to 12.1".

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