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At GSR Technology we offer a range of value added services including Cover Lenses and Optical Bonding for enhanced readability and reduced sunlight reflection in outdoor use. Our Touchscreens use the latest Touchscreen Controller technology allowing human machine interfacing in even the most complex manufacturing and design applications.

Our technology allows HMI interfaces to occur with glove touch and even touchless interactions, as well as being water resistant and able to support all required OS to meet the exacting requirements of our customers.


We offer a range of Touchscreens that are fully customisable in size, and the bonding method of the touch sensor. All of our Touchscreens are designed to optimise the user interface, touch accuracy, sensitivity, and speed to ensure outstanding performance.

Touchscreen Controllers

Our projected capacitive Touchscreen Controllers are designed to deliver a smooth user interface that exceeds our clients demands in a range of applications. Our resistive touch controllers offer excellent compatibility with the wide range of resistive touch sensors.

Optical Bonding

Our Optical Bonding technology enhances the readability of a display in outdoor environments where there is high humidity. This prevents the build up of condensation from forming on the inner surface of the display, and reduces the reflection of sunlight.

Cover Lenses

We offer a range of custom Cover Lenses for mechanical strength and protection for touchscreens. Our lenses come in a range of materials including glass, PC and PMMA. We offer an extensive range of sizes, thicknesses, and a comprehensive range of printing options.

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