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Cover Lenses are incorporated into display assemblies to improve the mechanical qualities of the user interface. At GSR Technology we are a market leader in the supply of complete user interface assemblies, often including a touch sensor. Using the latest production techniques, and manufactured in clean room facilities, these complete assemblies can be customised to fit into any application.

A glass cover lens gives an ultra-modern finish, and using chemically toughened glass, our cover lenses will stand up to the most rigorous impact tests. They can also be made vandal-proof for portable or fixed position applications such as parking meters.

We also manufacture cover lenses in both PC and PMMA. With a light transmission exceeding 92%, PMMA offers a higher level of transmission from the display when compared with glass or other polymers. With a density of between 1.17-1.20 g/cm3, PC is more than half the weight of a comparable glass lens, making it ideal when weight is a key design consideration. PC has excellent scratch resistance when compared to other transparent polymers, but still less than glass. Both solutions can be UV protected, and importantly are shatterproof making them ideal for safety critical applications, such as food or pharmaceutical production.

We can design and produce custom cover glass in irregular shapes, with slots or holes, and screen printed with any variety of colours. Indicator icons, hot buttons, logos, camera and/or sensor holes can be masked, and made secret until lit, and if required separately coloured.

Surface coatings or films can be added such as anti-fog, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, or anti-reflection. We also have a ceramic based heat resistant process, enabling the use of cover lenses in high incident heat applications such as industrial process controls.

Key Features

Impact Resistant Cover Lens

  • Strong durability and anti-shock
  • Thickness up to 10 mm
  • Impact resistant up to IK08 (5 Joules)

Flexible User Interface

  • Indicator icons
  • Customer logo
  • Buttons

Custom Shaped Cover Lens

  • Irregular shapes
  • Holes and slots
  • Rounded corners
  • Multi-colour


We’re an award-winning, market leader in the supply of high-quality, custom-designed and standard Optoelectronic solutions.


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All of our products are rigorously tested, certified for quality and come with a 12 month warranty as standard. Giving you complete peace of mind.


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Value Added Services

We offer a range of value added services including Cover Lenses and Optical Bonding for enhanced readability and reduced sunlight reflection in outdoor use. Our Touchscreens use the latest Touchscreen Controller technology allowing human machine interfacing in even the most complex manufacturing and design applications.

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