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At GSR Technology we can offer TFT displays with Blanview technology. The inclusion of this technology allows the display to show a high contrast, crisp image in the brightest environments, even when sunlight is directly hitting the screen.

Transmissive TFT-LCD technology is now the most common, and is widely used across all electrical devices, regardless of application. Although transmissive technology provides clear images in indoor and darker environments, its display readability is notoriously compromised in outdoor, bright ambient light conditions. This can be improved by increasing the backlight power, and whilst effective in providing a solution, it results in a significant increase in total power consumption and therefore a reduced battery life. Far from ideal when the application is an electronic hand-held device.

One solution when outdoor readability is a requirement is to use Transflective LCD technology. With transflective technology the pixels are divided into two distinct areas, the transmissive and reflective area. The two separate pixel areas provide a clear sunlight readable image and a low power consumption, but the drawback is the displays are more difficult to view in indoor/darker settings where the colour clarity may be compromised.

Key Features

Blanview technology can overcome the drawbacks of both transmissive and transflective technology by using the highest quality, unique HAST (Hyper Amorphous Silicon TFT) silicon. As a result Blanview TFTs provide the perfect balance between sunlight readability and low power consumption.

Blanview TFTs are the ideal solution for electronics equipment and devices for any application that are used outside, or have to switch from usage in both indoors and outdoors settings. The low-power consumption will significantly extend the battery life of hand-held devices.

  • Good display readability in outdoor/bright environments
  • Low power consumption in any ambient luminance conditions
  • High image quality in indoors/dark environments on the same level as Transmissive displays
  • Less display performance variation between indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Available in sizes from 0.7″ – 12.1″
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