Android System HMI board with Allwinner A33 Processor

15 January 2018


Android System HMI board with Allwinner A33 Processor

GSR is pleased to announce their new low cost and compact HMI board for Android operating systems. Designed with convenience in mind when running products under Android control unit, this board is packed with lots of features.

The Android A33 series board provides many communication I/O including on-board RS232/RS485 and USB 2.0 interface, plus connection support via Ethernet, wifi, 3G and bluetooth.

A33 series board works based on Android 4.4 operating system, and uses the Allwinner A33 processor with 1.4GHZ frequency. The CPU is an extremely efficient quad-core application processor designed to bring impressive performance to your leading-edge device. The A33 features quad CortexTM-A7 CPU cores to enable the best balance between high performance and power efficiency, and packs the mature and leading GPU technology to deliver amazing graphics and fluid video. With outstanding multi-format 1080p HD video processing capability, TFT-LCD sizes upto 55” are supported.

Additional features include CTP with I2C interface, audio, integrated 4GB memory supporting video laying and image viewing, plus HDMI/VGA/Audio/LVDS/RGB signal output and camera/speaker support.

Please contact GSR Technical Sales for further information