NLT Super Wide Viewing and Full HD TFT-LCD panels from GSR Technology

20 April 2016


GSR Technology is pleased to announce the latest range of NLT Full HD TFT-LCD panels from 9” upto 18.5”. These outstanding LCD displays come with improved image quality with NLT’s proprietary Super Fine TFT technology (SFT) offering wide viewing angles and high color gamut which meets the display characteristics frequently required by the industrial equipment market.


The slim and light weight design enables the displays to be used in a variety of applications such as portable, industrial and high end products. In addition to this, the angle of 88 degree all round means the panels give the user the flexibility of integrating in either portrait or landscape mode whilst still maintaining outstanding colors and picture quality. All four panels offer backlight life between 30K and 50K hours with integrated backlight LED driver board, 1920 x 1080 resolution, LVDS interface, -20 / +70C operating temperature and 400 cd/m2 luminance.  NLT has also begun the development of eDP interface and will be offering this option in 15.6” and 18.5” models. Upon request GSR technology can offer all displays as a kit with the necessary cables.

FHD Press Release (002)