GSR is pleased to announce the new 17.0-inch SXGA TFT LCD with high colour rendering LED backlight

25 November 2016



GSR is pleased to announce the new 17.0-inch SXGA TFT LCD from Tianma-NLT with high colour rendering LED backlight for industrial use. The new LED panel utilizes a high colour rendering LED as the backlight, and achieves 90% of NTSC enabling the panel to display very vivid and realistic colour images. This is ideal for displays used in applications such as gaming and point of sale that require high colour accuracy, as well as broadcasting, printing and medical equipment where realistic colour reproduction is essential.

Typically, displaying realistic colours as they are seen in their natural environment generally requires very expensive imaging technology. However, the new 17.0 inch TFT-LCD achieves wide colour space by applying conventional technologies such as optimized design of backlight system, in addition to equipment of high colour rendering LED. Since it follows most specifications of conventional industrial displays, a relatively simple drop-in replacement is possible. Key features of the 17.0-inch SXGA TFT LCD also include an integrated backlight LED driver, LVDS interface, 400 cd/m2 brightness and 40K hours LED lifetime.  For further information, sample demonstration and pricing please contact the GSR sales team.