GSR Technology Introduces its new PCAP touch controller

23 October 2021


GSR Technology would like to introduce its new PCAP touch controller with a full complement of features that can fully enhance a medical devices’ functionality.

By combining a fully capable touch controller, PCAP touch with optical bonding can provide excellent quality of light transmission on either glass or acrylic cover lenses. The PCAP is then able to support palm rejection, and glove touch input. It is resistant to blood, ultrasound gel and physiological saline. The controller system can boost its noise immunity for working with an electrosurgical unit (ESU).

The EXC80 series controller is able to support in-operation wet cleaning by having a switch installed to temporarily disable the touch function, this can be a hardware button, software button or a sequence of user-defined touch patterns on the user interface screen.

The benefits of the additional functionality for medical devices includes, but is not exclusive to:-

  • Water Rejection
  • Bleach, cleaning liquid or wet towel resistant
  • Surgical glove hand operation
  • Excellent noise immunity
  • Special OS
  • VxWorks, RTOS, WinCE
  • eGalaxPen