GSR Technology Europe announces new range of Projected Capacitive touch solutions

08 June 2016



Working in partnership with the leading touch solution provider eGalax_eMPIA Technology Inc. (EETI) GSR Technology Europe has released their latest range of projected capacitive touch solutions that incorporate the latest EETI IC technology. With Over 10 years of experience in touchscreen solutions, GSR offers a seamless integration package from controller hardware, coverglass design and firmware for all sizes ranging from 3.5” upto 32”. The latest generation of controllers are perfect for most industrial applications and can be fine-tuned to work with thick gloves, through air gap, under water operation including salt water, polycarbonate and thick cover glass upto 10mm. The controllers and ICs support high voltage driving signal to achieve higher SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) and better wideband interference susceptibility, and will support different touch structures including SITO, DITO, G/F, F/F and G/G.

Other key features include:

  1. Supports up to 10 points
  2. Supports palm rejection
  3. Supports thick-glass touch up to 10mm
  4. Supports glove touch
  5. Supports multi-scenario use with mode-switch manually
  6. Compliant with IEC61000-4-X class A, EMS CS 3Vrms & CS 10V/m.

To protect the end application from other influences like dust, fluid etc., it is recommended to bond a custom protection glass in front of the TFT/touch assembly. GSR can guide the customer on the most suitable solution and provide expert advice on the cover lens material and bonding of the components so they can be delivered as a complete system. GSR touch solution products are perfect for products that require high performance, reliability and longevity of supply. Typical applications include Industrial HMI, medical, gaming and marine.