New TFT-LCD displays with the latest Blanview Technology

24 March 2022


GSR Technology Europe would like to introduce our range of TFT-LCD displays incorporating the latest Blanview technology. The inclusion of this technology allows the display to show a high contrast, crisp image in t he brightest environments, even when sunlight is directly reflecting on to the screen.

To achieve sun light readability in standard TFTs, the display backlight has to have increased power and therefore higher consumption. Blanview technology is different, by using the highest quality, unique HAST (Hyper Amorphous Silicon TFT) silicon, Blanview TFTs provide the perfect balance between sunlight readability and low power consumption.

The key advantages of Blanview over standard TFT technology include:

  1. Good display readability in outdoor/bright environments
  2. Low power consumption in any ambient luminance conditions
  3. High image quality in indoors/dark environments on the same level as Transmissive displays

Less display performance variation between indoor and outdoor conditions

Blanview TFTs are the ideal solution for electronics equipment and devices for any application that are used outside, or have to switch from usage in both indoors and outdoors settings. The low-power consumption will significantly extend the battery life of hand-held devices.