GSR Technology Europe Ltd introduces its new Low Power Consumption, True Sunlight Readable TFT Modules available with and without Projective Capacitive Multi-Touch Technology as standard. The extremely compact design makes this solution suitable for many industrial outdoor applications.

Main features:
• Sizes available: 2.4”, 3.5”, 4.3”, 5.0”, 6.0” 5.7”, 7.0”
• Display Mode: Normally Black
• TFT Interface: RGB & MIPI
• Wide viewing angle (u/d/l/r): TYP 85°/85°/85°/85° (IPS Technology)
• Contrast Ratio: TYP 1000:1
• Luminance with PCAP: TYP 450 cd/m2
• Backlight lifetime: 50 kh
• Touch Screen: Multi-Touch PCAP (Available Tape or Optical Bonded)
• Touch Screen Interface: I2C
• Operating Temperature: -20 +70O

This unique TFT-LCD Technology has a light reflection structure built inside the panel which reflects incoming sunlight extremely efficiently. Using a combination of this light reflection technology and LED backlight, the display creates a very crisp image under extreme sunlight. The optical design enables you to maintain high quality screen viewability, without being affected by surrounding light conditions.