Special Touch Functions from GSR Technology

16 November 2017


Special Touch Functions from GSR Technology  

EETI the leading touch IC and controller manufacturer is now offering more touch solutions to support thick coverglass and water resistance applications. Touch technology is rapidly growing in a variety of market segments due to its ability to enhance the interaction between human and devices. EETI’s knowledge to provide resistance to water, fluids and a stable touch function with thick glass, is why they are leading the way in touch technology.

For rugged and security-intensive applications, a protective cover lens is in the front line for protecting the system and properties. Support for combined thick cover glass and multi-touch technology is available with EETI’s solution, and their exceptionally high signal and noise ratio (SNR) supports glass that is more than 10mm.

Another important factor to consider when choosing your touchscreen IC partner is interference. Adaptors motors, fluorescent light, electromagnetic waves and various noise sources are all around us; as a result, the capability of noise resistance brings reliability and security to the system. The EETI noise resistance technology provides a stable touch solution that endures most environment conditions.

In partnership with EETI, GSR Technology can offer the customer a one stop solution and long term support for PCAP touch solutions – services include:

  • Coverglass and PMMA design
  • Optical / air bonding
  • Foil lamination
  • Remote and on-site touch controller tuning
  • Remote noise detection and measuring tool support
  • Custom Firmware
  • Full range of TFT-LCD / touchscreens from 1.77” upto 55”
  • Enhancement of TFT-LCDs
  • Special touch function (gloves, water resistant, thick glass)

For further information and to discuss your application requirements, please contact GSR technical sales team.