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Bar Type Panel PC Monitor Launch

GSR Technology is pleased to announce the launch of the latest 37” and 42” Bar Type Panel PC monitors Based on Intel Pentium®/Celeron® Processor N3000 series, BPC370-BW and BPC420-BW all-in-one bar type panel PCs are equipped with a native masked and high-brightness...

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How TFT Display Works

An extensive guide on the functions of TFT display products In this article, we’ll be covering how TFT displays work, the main differences between TFT and LCD, their typical display specifications and also outline a list of common applications where TFT displays are...

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New touch controllers support mixed inputs simultaneously

GSR Technology is pleased to announce the new series of EXC80H/EXC82H/EXC84H projected capacitive touch control boards from EETI eGalax- (eMPIA Technology Inc.). Integrating the functions of self and mutual capacitance sensing technology, built-in high driving voltage...

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